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What is Upthrive360?

We for your next endeavor!

Upthrive360 is a platform to connect job seekers, freelancers, & employers together by maintaining proper communication between them to meet their respective goals.

There are three different parties involved as a whole on Upthrive360. There is a Freelancer having different skills and looking to work for projects of other businesses in the domain of their own areas of expertise. There are Job Seekers who don’t want to work as freelancers but want to get hired by other companies and organizations to work full time. There is an employer having a whole bunch of different projects (Short-term & Long-term) looking for freelancers and full-time employees. 

Upthrive360 as a platform playing a vital role to manage proper flow between these three parties for their respective business deals.


How It Works – Technically

Follow the system for efficiency

There are two different Login ways to register on Upthrive360. One as a Freelancer and another as an Employer. With the same account (Freelance Login) – the Job Seekers & Freelancers can perform their respective tasks.

Freelancers with complete work portfolios and profile details can also create different services (GIGS). Employers could post jobs and assign projects to freelancers and accept the job application from job seekers on the Job they have posted or offered.


Payment Settlement

Focus on Your Work

Freelancers will post services or get assigned some work by employers. Payment will be made by employers to the Upthrive360. Once the project is completed and employers satisfied with the project completion. The full payment will be settled to the freelancers without any deduction of platform commissions. Job postings by employers and job seekers can communicate independently and get each other tasks done which is totally free of charge.